Zerror Pro Licence key is valid for single machine.

Zerror Pro Licence key key is valid for all new versions of Zerror for 1 year.

Zerror Pro Licence key is transferrable similar to TD license

Zerror Pro Licence key will not remove privacy from Zerror COMP.

If you already purchased Zerror before 2024 year - get 50% discount: use your old license key as discount code (once)

Zerror Pro licence price:

200 USD

After purchase complete:

1. You will get licence key in web browser and a copy by email.

2. Make sure using at least TD 2023.11760 and Zerror 5.19

3. Open Zerror viewer.

4. Click DEMO at top left corner or press [P] -> License manager

5. Paste your License key and press ACTIVATE